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What Wires Will Never Replace

Amber Naslund, aka AmberCadabra, Social Media and Marketing Adventurer, absolutely nails the need for real world connection in our lives on her Altitude blog:    

For as much as I am an advocate of the power of connecting and humanizing people online, I hope businesses never lose sight of the things that can’t ever be replaced through a computer screen. The tools are the gateway, but the most human elements of people – and the most enduring connections – will be found offline.

Perfectly said and true for any context, not just for business!


Vote for Obama

Information Overload or why we need GTD

Basex, a consulting and analysis firm focused on collaboration and information sharing in organizations has published a new report entitled  “Information Overload: We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us“. While there is nothing startlingly new, the report is a concise, well-written treatment of the changes in work content for knowledge workers and the enormous impact of having too much information on getting things done, frequently referred to as productivity. They provide a few of the basic rules of e-mail, IM (instant-message) and telephone etiquette but don’t really get into the meat of how to deal with the onslaught of information many of us face. Which just takes me back to how much I need Getting Things Done. If you find it interesting, read the book. Then, at the risk of further information overload, go check out Merlin Mann‘s amazing 43 Folders site. There Merlin blogs and provides links to all kinds of resources and discussions on how to get things done. The only trick is finding enough time to read it all – Merlin is incredibly prolific. But take the time – it will be worth it and you will get things done if you use this system.

The Smell of Fall

I went outside this morning in my robe to discover the temperature and was greeted with the smell of fall. We have had an unusual autumn this year – the deciduous trees actually turned colors before starting to lose their leaves. Today was the first time I noticed the crisp smell of autumn. It is hard to describe – a special freshness in the air, different from any other time of year. A wonderful start to the day, another beautiful day of sunshine in the desert.

Fall has fallen…

OK, here in southern New Mexico, it doesn’t fall so much as sneak in. We have a couple deciduous trees in the yard and their leaves have yellowed and fallen, but mostly it is cooler (lows in the 40s, highs only into the 70s and low 80s). Cindy and I realized our bodies have adapted to the climate here when we got chilly sitting outside last evening and it was still 75º out. We are both reeling with the realization that November is less than two weeks away!

Summer in the desert: the cold water is hot!

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This could probably be the start of one of those lists…”you know you are in the desert when…” And maybe I’ll come up with that list some time. But for the moment, it is the only one on the list.I make a big salad for dinner almost every night. So I wash vegetables every night. With “cold” water. And in the winter the cold water is cold. But in the summer, the cold water is warm, almost hot. So I am washing cold vegetables from the refrigerator in the hot “cold” water. It is a really strange feeling, even though this is the second summer I have experienced it.Re-reading it, this all sounds pretty silly but it is an odd feeling all the same.  

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