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A little bit of order…

The Clean Half of My Office

Labor Day weekend provided a little extra time so I attacked my office. I still have lots of boxes to go through and deal with but this half of my office is clean and organized. Cindy got her new duplexing printer from work so I now have our original LaserJet 5M printer in my office. For those trying unsuccessfully to read the model numbers on the network gear next to the printer, there is a Linksys WET11 v2 Wireless B Ethernet Bridge with a Linksys BEFW11S4 V2 Wireless Access Point Router with 4-port Ethernet Switch, functioning purely as a router (still hanging around after being supplanted with an 802.11g access point. The empty computer desk is waiting to house (at least temporarily) my existing iMac once my new iMac arrives!

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