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How many people bicycle to work in the United States?

The Thunderhead Alliance has released the first benchmarking study of bicycling and walking activity in all 50 states (and 50 cities). This weighty tome, a 120 page .pdf file, provides all kinds of statistics about how many people ride or walk to work, how safe it is, how the infrastructure and presence or absence of advocacy groups affect how many people ride or walk, along with interesting information and observations about what it all means and what should be done to encourage more biking and walking. It’s a little geeky with all the charts and numbers, but definitely worth reading to understand where we fit in the big picture and get motivated to improve the infrastructure and opportunities to get people on bikes and out to walk. So read the report. See how your state is doing. Then go for a ride or a walk!


Team in Training: Please give generously!

It’s almost the end of January and I haven’t posted anything about New Year’s resolutions. I actually have a couple. One is about finishing remodeling the house – if I say anything about that, it will be on Please pardon the inconvenience. My other resolution is to lose weight – a lot of weight! This is try number two, since that was one of my resolutions last year.

That means getting way more active. So tonight, I signed up for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Team in Training. Here’s how it works: I train to ride a century (100 mile bike ride) and raise a minimum of $4,200 in contributions to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and then I go ride the ride. 75% of the contributions up to the minimum go to Society programs and 25% cover the costs of trainers and getting people to the ride. Any contributions above the minimum go 100% to Society programs, effectively reducing the percentage to fundraising and training overhead. I’m training to ride America’s Most Beautiful Ride, a century ride around Lake Tahoe.

You can help me get there, and more importantly, help support research on blood cancers to save lives, by donating generously at my Team in Training page. If you would like to donate in the real world instead of online, please e-mail me at To follow my progress, please check out my training blog, Lee in training.

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