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Orkin for Dinner?

You can’t see the scrumptious pictures of cockroaches and other delectible insect pests that played in the animation loop for the Orkin ad. Fortunately it only played through the critters once. Love that ad placement algorithm…





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Zen Foods

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There is something wonderful about our co-op having a Zen Foods section!


What Wires Will Never Replace

Amber Naslund, aka AmberCadabra, Social Media and Marketing Adventurer, absolutely nails the need for real world connection in our lives on her Altitude blog:    

For as much as I am an advocate of the power of connecting and humanizing people online, I hope businesses never lose sight of the things that can’t ever be replaced through a computer screen. The tools are the gateway, but the most human elements of people – and the most enduring connections – will be found offline.

Perfectly said and true for any context, not just for business!

Death to paper!

Today marks the next stage in my war on paper: my new ScanSnap S510M scanner arrived. Galvanized by reading “Palimpsest: the guide to a (mostly) paperless life” on 43 Folders, I ordered the scanner from Amazon last week. It arrived this afternoon, complete with 4 CDs of software (ScanSnap Manager, Cardiris 3, ABBYY FineReader and Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional (while some of these are 1 release behind, it is quite a suite of software). These give support for managing scanning activity, scanning business cards directly into the Mac Address Book, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to make searchable text and full PDF editing capability. This is a really fast sheet feed scanner (up to 50 pages) that scans both sides of the paper in a single pass.

I’m a long time DevonThink Office Pro user, so I get the full benefit of the ScanSnap and the included software, combined with one of the best tools for organizing all kinds of documents and information. DevonThink Office Pro integrates tightly with the ScanSnap so documents can be scanned directly into DevonThink. 

In the normal course of things, I am drowning in paper. I truly hate having paper to file: too much time, too much space taken up and not searchable. When I lived on the road for a couple years (commuting to Michigan from Colorado, full-time), I eliminated paper from my work routine pretty successfully. But not all of my life is electronic, so having the scanner and tools to get the paper stored digitally instead of physically will be a huge improvement in my life, my desk and my productivity.

A few documents (torn-out magazine pages, various color and black and white documents, a 3 page fax and a little piece off the surface of the scanner box with the bar codes) all have been scanned and OCRed, so I am now confident that my workflow will go fine. Still have the flat bed scanner for bulky items but it won’t see much paper now!

Bonus note: Fujitsu has a $50 rebate for units purchased by 12/31/2008.

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