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I am a big fan of and try to follow David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD®) methodology. This post catalogs my process and tools for working and living.

Todoist GTD app. Not perfect but best I’ve found for me. Lets me stay in sync across Mac, Windows, Outlook on Windows, iOS on iPhone and iPad and web so I have ubiquitous access on and offline.

BusyContacts Replacement for Apple Mac Contacts application. It shows contacts by address book (associated with different Google, Exchange, iCloud or Yahoo! email accounts) and allows moving them from one address book to another by drag and drop! Great for getting rid of duplicates or segregating groups of people to different accounts.

BusyCalendar Replacement for Apple Mac Calendar.

Desk Desktop publishing client. I’m using it to compose this post. It’s really beautiful but still a work in progress for full functionality. The author has been working on it for over a decade as a labor of love and it shows. And he is clearly committed to continued addition of features. I’m eagerly awaiting the ability to post Pages to WordPress along with Posts. This Post really should be a Page since I’ll keep it updated as my tools and process change over time.

MarsEdit Desktop blog editing client. Not as pretty as Desk, but fully featured and easy to use. Supports posting to WordPress Pages.

Mail Apple email client. I’ve used Postbox a bit and I like some aspects of it but it doesn’t support Exchange which finally proved to be a deal breaker for me. Mail 8.2 seems to have cured the high CPU consumption I experienced in other releases that prompted me to look at other clients.


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