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Monthly Archives: November 2007

The Smell of Fall

I went outside this morning in my robe to discover the temperature and was greeted with the smell of fall. We have had an unusual autumn this year – the deciduous trees actually turned colors before starting to lose their leaves. Today was the first time I noticed the crisp smell of autumn. It is hard to describe – a special freshness in the air, different from any other time of year. A wonderful start to the day, another beautiful day of sunshine in the desert.


It’s an e-mail…it’s an iCal event!

Apple has finally added one of the features I really like in Outlook to Mail and iCal. Now you can drag an e-mail onto the calendar to create a new event. A link to the e-mail message is created in the URL field of the event. Even if the e-mail is moved to a different folder, the link in the event will still open the e-mail. A side note about iCal Version 3 (installed as part of Leopard): the details of events are no longer shown in a drawer. Instead you double click and a metal surface window with the details pops up with a little triangle pointing to the appointment.

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