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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Trying out ecto as a blog editor.

This post was written using ecto, a client application for composing blog entries. You can write entries in rich text format or code HTML entries by hand. I’m just beginning my 21 day trial period. The advantage is that I can put a post together in software running on my extremely fast new iMac instead of doing the editing on the WordPress site. So far so good. Links are easy to insert. I’ll have to try pictures next. If I can do all the editing I normally do for my blogs, ecto will be well worth the $17.95 US price.


La Cella Bella – Beautiful Women make Beautiful Music

La Cella Bella – Beautiful Women make Beautiful MusicI wrote this review last summer, Friday, June 23, 2006 on my MySpace blog. I’m not blogging there anymore so thought I would share it with my readers here. I was reminded of it by Jeff Berg who asked me if he could use it in an article on La Cella Bella he was writing for Desert Exposure. Since I’m a great fan of these four talented ladies, I was happy to have him reproduce it in the article. I’ve gotten to hear them a number of times since and they just keep getting better, so like I said before, go and hear them!”Tonight’s show at the Bean in Mesilla, New Mexico, was a bit different – La Cella Bella. Four women, Alison, Debra, Tatiana and Amy, have formed a cello quartet. Three of the women are in the New Horizons Orchestra and all are talented musicians. Cello quartets are not common to begin with, but La Cella Bella has another twist – most of their repetoire consists of popular music by the Beatles, Eric Clapton, the Eagles, Alicia Keyes, Kenny Rogers and others with a few classical pieces thrown in (Bach and Handel this evening). They do their own arrangements of the songs to make them work on the cello, taking turns playing “lead” cello. One of the highlights of the evening was “Hotel California” by the Eagles. While they announced that they had just started playing it, they performed it with spirit and authority. The magic of La Bella Cella is that they made “Hotel California” their own as music for cellos yet captured the essence of this familiar rock and roll anthem.If you get the chance, check them out. The audience ranged from college students to grandparents and everyone enjoyed the music. You will, too!”

How many people bicycle to work in the United States?

The Thunderhead Alliance has released the first benchmarking study of bicycling and walking activity in all 50 states (and 50 cities). This weighty tome, a 120 page .pdf file, provides all kinds of statistics about how many people ride or walk to work, how safe it is, how the infrastructure and presence or absence of advocacy groups affect how many people ride or walk, along with interesting information and observations about what it all means and what should be done to encourage more biking and walking. It’s a little geeky with all the charts and numbers, but definitely worth reading to understand where we fit in the big picture and get motivated to improve the infrastructure and opportunities to get people on bikes and out to walk. So read the report. See how your state is doing. Then go for a ride or a walk!

A little bit of order…

The Clean Half of My Office

Labor Day weekend provided a little extra time so I attacked my office. I still have lots of boxes to go through and deal with but this half of my office is clean and organized. Cindy got her new duplexing printer from work so I now have our original LaserJet 5M printer in my office. For those trying unsuccessfully to read the model numbers on the network gear next to the printer, there is a Linksys WET11 v2 Wireless B Ethernet Bridge with a Linksys BEFW11S4 V2 Wireless Access Point Router with 4-port Ethernet Switch, functioning purely as a router (still hanging around after being supplanted with an 802.11g access point. The empty computer desk is waiting to house (at least temporarily) my existing iMac once my new iMac arrives!

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