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Monthly Archives: July 2007

“Here comes the sun”

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This post was going to have a totally different flavor. My office window looks out on the back yard,Sarah in the Back Yarda little grassy oasis in the desert. It was cloudy this morning, the remnant of the thunderstorms we had last night. The bird bath was full and birds of all kinds were washing themselves in it. We get sun here almost every day, so the soft light was pleasant and relaxing. It gave the impression of a cool day, even though the temperature was climbing into the 90s. Suddenly the clouds parted and the yard was bright with the blazing desert sun. I couldn’t help thinking of The Beatlessong. The sunshine just lifts your mood.  You can listen to the song in the video below.


Summer in the desert: the cold water is hot!

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This could probably be the start of one of those lists…”you know you are in the desert when…” And maybe I’ll come up with that list some time. But for the moment, it is the only one on the list.I make a big salad for dinner almost every night. So I wash vegetables every night. With “cold” water. And in the winter the cold water is cold. But in the summer, the cold water is warm, almost hot. So I am washing cold vegetables from the refrigerator in the hot “cold” water. It is a really strange feeling, even though this is the second summer I have experienced it.Re-reading it, this all sounds pretty silly but it is an odd feeling all the same.  

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