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Get a buzz on! flyer thumbnail Coming soon to the Fountain Theatre is a double feature of movies on coffee! The picture links to the flyer I made for this event.

The first movie is Black Gold, a look at the coffee industry and how coffee farmers make such a pittance compared to the enormous income derived by large companies farther along the supply chain. The movie follows Tadesse Meskela in his travels around the world trying to find buyers at a fair price for the coffee produced by the 74,000 coffee farmers in Ethiopia, some of the finest coffee grown anywhere.

The second movie is Starbucking, a documentary of the travels of Winter, a man who has set himself the mission of having a cup of coffee in every Starbucks store on the planet. Strange, yes, but he is definitely into Starbucks. Winter will be appearing in person at the Fountain Theatre at this showing.

The juxtaposition of these two movies highlights some of the issues Black Gold raises – Starbucks has started to move towards Fair Trade purchasing and take other steps towards truly responsible production, but they have a long ways to go. The Organic Consumers Association talks about what else Starbucks needs to do on their Starbucks Campaign page.


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